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Maybe your company engineers complex hardware and/or software and crafts custom solutions for customers based on their unique needs. You want to provide the best UI experience possible, but you don't want to hire a whole department to do it. We would love to partner with you to help you showcase your solutions in an elegant and optimized way.

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Need an application created for your business that’s outside your company’s wheelhouse? Do you have hardware or firmware with a legacy Windows Forms user interface and you'd like to move to the web? Or maybe you need to augment your software development team to meet a customer deadline. We can help.

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You have a great idea, but you don’t have a) the expertise in-house, or b) the time or money to do it yourself. Sure, it’ll still cost money, but we put the ‘rapid’ in Rapid Prototyping, saving you money in the process.

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Need to move your existing apps to the cloud? Take advantage of scalability using Docker and Kubernetes? Let’s talk.

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Our software development lifecycle

solution engineering from start to finish

We believe wholeheartedly in agile software development methodologies, and we trust them to deliver the best results for our customers and a productive environment for our team. Alethia can take you from a concept sketched on a napkin all the way to your operational environment.


Our First Step

Gather initial requirements

This can be as detailed or as general as the customer wants. We can ingest a large number of very specific requirements, or iterate quickly on a general idea and refine as we go.


Our Second Step

Develop and iterate

We use agile methodologies to ensure we stay in lock step with the customer, developing exactly what they need using continuous deployment and user feedback loops.


Our Third Step

Deliver and maintain

Once our customer signs off on our solution, we deploy into the environment (either classified or unclassified) and receive ongoing feedback as users interact with the software.

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